December 17, 2010

New Items and Christmas Party 2010!

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Hi guys! Dark here!

This week, a couple new items have been released. Like the antlers at the Ski Village!

Also, Rockhopper came to Club Penguin. Here is the catalog from him!

Keep an eye out for finding Rockhopper!

That’s all the news!

December 10, 2010

Better Igloo Catalog December 2010 Cheats

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Hi everyone! Darknerr here!

A new catalog for Igloo has been released! Let’s find the hidden items!

1. Click the Coins for Change sign to get the Holiday Lights!

2. Click the top of the Christmas tree to get the Holiday Bells!

3. Click on the Lanturn to get the Leaning Tree!

4. Click on wood of the heater to get the Icicle Lights!

5. Click the word “scarf” to get the Fireplace!

6. Click on the blue bird to the Wrought Iron Lamp Post!

7. Click the top of the Iron Chandeller to get the Knight Sculpture!

8. Click on the gold bar of the grandfather clock to get the Ornate Mirror.

9. Click on the Black puffe statue to get the HD TV.

10. Click one of the tiny marbles on the Crystal ball to get the Pipe Organ.

11. Click “O” on Jack-O-Lantern to get the Cauldron.

12. Click in the center of the Plasma ball to get the Creepy Cottage Cut Out!

13. Finally, click on the Computer Mouse to get the Umbrella Table!

Hopefully the new catalog will help you out in the Igloo Contest if you are entering!

December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorations on Club Penguin!

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Hi everyone! Dark here!

Today in some rooms of Club Penguin, there are some christmas decorations!

Only one important hint in the one of the decorations.  There is a note on one of the boxes at the Beach.

This is the note!

Comment if you are excited for Rockhopper’s arrival!

Igloo Contest Starts!

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Hi guys! Darknerr here!

Today, the Igloo Contest has begun and penguins are decorating away. Now there is something new, if you want to submit your igloo and enter contest. Click on the gold igloo icon.

Good luck penguins who are entering!

Rockhopper Coming Soon!

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Hi everyone! Darknerr here!

Today, when I checked on the telescope, I saw Rockhopper’s ship decorated with Christmas goods!

I wonder what free item he is bringing this time on his visit!

Comment what you think here!

December 8, 2010

Club Penguin Field Op #26!

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There is a new EPF Field Op Today!
Here is how to complete no. 26:
1. Go to the yellow ‘Field Ops’ screen in the Command Room.

2. Head over to the Ticket Booth at the Plaza.

3. Power up the chipset using your little battery and make sure to avoid the zaps from the red things.

Congratulations! You have completed Field Op #26 and have earned another EPF medal!


December 7, 2010

Treasure Book Series 11 Cheats!

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Hi guys! Darknerr here!

Been quite a couple days since any major updates have happened. Today the new Treasure Book got released! It only comes with one hidden item.

That’s all the cheats! Comment which Treasure Book item you would like to get!

Click on the Lighthouse for the Green Recycle Shirt!

December 3, 2010

Penguin Style December 2010 Cheats!

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Hi everyone! Darknerr here!

New Penguin Style got released, Im helping you find all the hidden items!

1. Click the F on the Coffee Shop to get the Blue Fuzzy hat!

2. Click on any blue Christmas light to get the Puffle Pullover!

3. Click on the snow step to get either the Black Whirlpool Jacket or the Orange Toque.

4. Click on the puffle’s eye to get the candy cane wing warmers!

5. Click on the top of each tree for Blue Striped Scarf, Blue Mittens, and Blue Earmuffs.

6. Click the side of the tree or the peak of the mountain for the Gingerbread Costume or Snowman Costume.

7. Click on the Ornament for the Snowboard Boots!

That’s all the new hidden items!

December Sneak Peek!

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Hi guys! Darknerr here!

December is an awesome year with tons of events. Club Penguin released new outfits today and are impressed on how people are wearing them already! But this month isn’t over yet, and there is more coming your way. Here is a sneak peek!

And also don’t forget some upcoming events!

  • December 9- New holiday igloo catalog and they even have some of your requests!
  • December 9-12- Igloo contest begins!
  • December 16- Monthly party and Coins for Change begin!

That’s all! Comment what you think the sneak peeks mean!

Newspaper and Catalog Release Postponed!

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Hi everyone! Darknerr here!

Today was originally the day a new catalog and newspaper to be released. So here is what Billybob said for more information!

Hello Penguins!

Quick update: we’ve come across some nasty bugs with the newspaper and the new clothing catalog. The team is working hard to squash them, but thanks to these pesky bugs we probably won’t be able to launch the new stuff until tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what to look forward to in the catalog. What do you think?

We’ll launch the catalog as soon as we can and update you right away once it’s available. Thanks for being so patient with us.

That’s all! Comment what you think will be on the catalog!

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