December 29, 2008

Mission 10 Releace with Tutorial

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Mission 10 has been releaced! Agents report to HQ ASAP!

(Not the best or fastest I could have done, but oh well)

Here’s the readable way to do it.

1. Talk to Gary

2. Take the solar panel in the box of odds and ends

3. Go to the Beach and talk to the jetpack guy

4. Go into the Lighthouse and take the Cream Soda barrel

5. Go back to the Beach. Talk to the jetpack guy and say you found some cream soda

6. Follow the help message and divide the units how it says to until you reach 4,4,0

7. Go to the Dock and talk to the penguin with the rope. Put the rope in your inventory

8. Get the table, box of stuff, and clothes from the manager and put it ouside for him

9. Talk to Rookie and hook up the solar panel to the wires

10. Melt the wires to the correct places without running them over each other

11. Go to the Nightclub and connect the rope to the cage lift then push the lever

12. Open the lever box, using your screwdriver in your Spy Phone. Align the gears so that they turn

13. Go to any room and answer your spy phone

14. Go to the dock and you will see Klutzy who will run off when he sees you

15. Answer your spy phone again then go to the Night Club

16. Push the red lever down or cut the string and capture Herbert.

17. Get the jetpack from the jetpack guy and put it over the cage to Capture Herbert again or turn the lights towards the solar panel

18. Rookie will hand Herbert the spy phone <.< and Herbert will get away again

19. Talk to G and the mission will end claim your medal and your prize


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