September 23, 2009

Happy77 Talks Volcano!

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Hey everyone! Darknerr here!

As we know, lots of changes have been happening near the Dojo Courtyard and Ninja Hideout! Happy77 was able to ask a staff member who plans out the map of Club Penguin.

Q: Is this smoke we’re seeing coming from a volcano? Or is it a mountain?

A: At first I thought it might be the Tallest Mountain, but it can’t be. After all, there are taller mountains surrounding the one that’s smoking. And when you think about it, it must be a volcano! Most of the mountains on Club Penguin have snow on the top of them, but that mountain has never had any snow on it.

Q: Does this have anything to do with the ninja stuff that’s happening?

A: Well I can’t give away all our secrets, but I’ve noticed that the ninjas in Club Penguin have been very active lately!

Q: Um…Haven’t you noticed that there’s no TREAT shop on the map?

A: I suppose there are no treat shops, but if you ever need to satisfy your sweet tooth go to the kitchen at the Pizza Parlor and turn the big red lever on the Pizzatron 3000!


Have any more ideas or thoughts with these clues given out?

Comment your thoughts here! 😀


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  1. Hey Darknerr, long time no talk! What’s up?

    Comment by Lville — September 23, 2009 @ 3:04 PM

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