November 14, 2009

Stage, Postcards and Construction on New Fire Dojo!

Hey it’s Bubblegum again. I’m reposting a post that’s on my site since Dark’s not here right now.

Happy warmish Saturday! Normanís Swarm is huge! You get zapped on the way in to be turned SUPER TINY! :P OI! So much to update on!

Once inside, to get to the secret underground room, you have to stand on an X and have four other penguins on one also. At least one of them has to be wearing a costume from the catalog.


Once downstairs, do the same to open the big chest! Then an awesome pin is there!


There are some new postcards too.


HeheheÖ For the ninjas, HEAD TO THE HIDEOUT! Thereís a bunch of awesome things there! For one the amulet, which is so shiny.. 8)


After buying the amulet, click on the fire sign and head to the new Dojo on the volcano!


One word. EPIC. Actually, DOUBLE EPIC! The musicís epic, the place is epic, everything about it is EPIC!


Who agrees with me? Oh! Another thing! I might start a new page for Neopets. IDK. I really like the game and I could help more people. :)


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  1. hey darknerr, I am back….and I know how to post my own pics and make them…

    Comment by sammy9435 — November 14, 2009 @ 6:32 PM

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