December 10, 2010

Better Igloo Catalog December 2010 Cheats

Filed under: club penguin — Klove101 @ 3:23 PM

Hi everyone! Darknerr here!

A new catalog for Igloo has been released! Let’s find the hidden items!

1. Click the Coins for Change sign to get the Holiday Lights!

2. Click the top of the Christmas tree to get the Holiday Bells!

3. Click on the Lanturn to get the Leaning Tree!

4. Click on wood of the heater to get the Icicle Lights!

5. Click the word “scarf” to get the Fireplace!

6. Click on the blue bird to the Wrought Iron Lamp Post!

7. Click the top of the Iron Chandeller to get the Knight Sculpture!

8. Click on the gold bar of the grandfather clock to get the Ornate Mirror.

9. Click on the Black puffe statue to get the HD TV.

10. Click one of the tiny marbles on the Crystal ball to get the Pipe Organ.

11. Click “O” on Jack-O-Lantern to get the Cauldron.

12. Click in the center of the Plasma ball to get the Creepy Cottage Cut Out!

13. Finally, click on the Computer Mouse to get the Umbrella Table!

Hopefully the new catalog will help you out in the Igloo Contest if you are entering!


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