November 9, 2009

New Room Revealed

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Yo Penguins well. The new room will be the…….. VOLCANO! Member ninjas will be able to train with sensei to master fire! Also Card jitsu came November 17th and the 17th will be coming soon so im guessing that when this will come out. Go to clubpenguin to watch a video about the fire stuff!
Well by the picture from the video. We all know the new room will be the volcano! I cant wait!

November 1, 2009

New Mission Sneak Peek

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Yo penguins!! Finally a new mission sneak peek. I have been waiting for this! Well here is the sneak peek.
Also for those of you who have elite penguin force. On friday you will be able to downloada mission called The Puffle Pranksters. I have elte penguin force but im stuck on mission 12.

October 12, 2009

Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek

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Yo Penguins there was a furniture catalog sneak peek today the catalog will come out Friday. Heres the sneak peek.
The gate looks pretty cool. There will also be a submit button that you can clikc if you want to enter your igloo in the contest.’

October 8, 2009

Newspaper Issue #208

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Yo penguins! The new newspaper has some good information this week.
As always there will be halloween igloo decorating contest. I will be entering 😉
igloo constest
More important news, On October 24th its club penguin’s B-DAY!
The volcano mystery continues.
And as most of you guys know my site was created october 11th, 2008! That means this site has almost been around 1 whole year! Stay tuned for party information

September 28, 2009

Ninja Hideout Almost Complete And Halloween Costume Sneak Peek!

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Yo Penguins the whole scavenger hunt was to redo the ninja hideout I think! Well its looks like the ninja hideout is almost complete! Heres the picture!
new ninja
Cool, huh? Also there will be a new clothing catalog coming soon! As you know its october in a few days that means halloween costumes on club penguin!! Heres a sneak peek!
I hope there are new costumes, well the sneak peek looks like a new costume 😉

September 25, 2009

New Pin!

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Yo penguins! The new pin at the book room!
new pin1
I wonder why there is a lock pin? Any ideas? And are you ready for the halloween party?? I am!

September 24, 2009

Newspaper Issue #206

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Yo Penguins the new newspaper is here there is not that much new news in it.
Heres more about the whole volcano stuff.
And now for the upcoming events! On october 2nd there will be a new clothing catalog and the super hero play will be returing October 9th and there will be new igloo music tomorrow.
Thats all for now!

September 11, 2009

New Prizes And Other New Stuff

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Yo Penguins club penguin has three new prizes! Here is the one available for non members
new hat
And Now here are the new member items!
other new stuff
Also remember the writing contest a few weeks ago? Well the winners are in the penguin tales book volume 3!
new book
And lastly the new pin is at pizza parlor!
new pin 101
Also Check out the new play at the stage!!

September 3, 2009

Newspaper Issue #203

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Yo Penguins the new newsapaper is here theres not too much news other then all the stuff happening tomorrow. Here where everthying will be at the fall fair.
where and where
And now for the events tomorrow the fall fair will be here rockhopper will be here and the new clothing catalog will be here.
Remember to check this for a post with all the updates.

September 1, 2009

Rockhopper Is Close

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Yo Rockhopper will be here September 4th The fall fair will also be there that day! Rockhopper will be here for the fall fair. And if you look in the telescope you will see rockhopper’s ship is close! His ship is decorated with balloons and lots of other stuff. Here’s a pic of his ship in the telescope!!
rockhopper close
I remember the first fall fair, the first fall fair was so much fun! But when they made the second fall fair it wasn’t as fun, So I wish they were not bringing the fall fair back for the 3rd time! The first fall was fun but the 2nd one wasn’t fun. Maybe the 3rd fall fair will be fun.

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