Club Penguin Cheats

I’m making glitches and cheats that actually work and that i tested too. Take a look and try them!

walk on night club!

go behind on the brown box in town, click page, zoom ,custom, and type in 700, and OK. it will be white, click on the top of the night club and wait a bit and you are up there. however others can’t see it…

you can do this glitch anywhere

Walk while playing find four

Play find four, click on penguin mail and then close it, walk anywhere you want to


Ticket Cheat!(sorry it won’t work anymore)

You must play the game on the left of the dock. When you get at least a ticket by the game with ONE spin, press Tab 4 times and hold Enter as long as you want! Enjoy it! PS it only happens during the Fall Fair!

Do Speechless Bubble
Don’t type in anything and make sure don’t click on the bar, with no words in it too. Just send it. The bubble will be blank. People can’t see it though…


Get the Blue Book without buying the book!

Make sure you get this question, if not, log out and log in again until getting the question.

Log in any account and click on the onlock items online button in top right corner. Here is the question and answer. click I have a book and offical guide of club penguin.

Question: What word is on page 101, 4 words from the left on line 8.

Answer: donated

You will get the blue book and 1500 coins!

Going to non buddy igloo  (Fixed)

1. You NEED to have a buddy online

2. Wait for the person to leave the room but drop the chat history bar(on the top) and click your buddy.

3. When the person leaves, click the message and click the house!

Fast Waving
1. Move to a place. Don’t enter anything in the keyboard. Press W really fast on your keyboard.

Throw Snowballs from invisible penguins
1. Throw a snowball somewhere.
2. Right after you throw the snowball, you walk somewhere else quickly!

How to be a Secret Agent  

1.You must be thirty days old.

2. Click the badge from the top right corner.

Answers. Honest, Being Mean or Rude, Report Them, Saying Their Address, I want to keep Club penguin Safe, I want to Help other Penguins. Then Click Done.

Coin Glitch in Night Club!(members only)

1. You must log in Safe Chat server only.

2.Go to the night club and click Tab until you get like this.


3. Now walk to over the new game and click Tab then enter!

4. Click Yes when the message appears like this.


5. Play any kind of game. Play at least one game.

6. When you are done. Click X in the corner and click ok as much as you want. You may repeat this step as much as you please.

7. When you are done log off.

Credit to Chewy for glitch!

Waddle Super Fast

1. Go to any place in Club Penguin

2. walk to any place

3. While you walk there, click super fast on the location you clicked to waddle!

Create a clone on your log in screen!

1. Log in club penguin on any account you own.

2. Log off and log in typing the between the first and second letter of your penguin name. Type in the same password you entered in the account before!


Name: Your Name Password: hello

Name: Y’our Name Password: hello


3. Log in but your penguin name will still same.


4. Log off and when you go log in again. It will look like this!


5. This glitch can be done only 3 times. You can do it as many times as you want but you have to remove penguins from log in screen. You can’t get banned though for this.

Note: If your regular penguin gets banned for some reason. The clone is banned too.


Talk with Newspaper on!

1.Go to a corner and read the newspaper.

2.When reading the news, click the We Need You icon.


3. When you go to that page. Click the question icon.


4. Click Send


5. Go back to the main page.


6. Click as Tab(on your keyboard on the far right) as many times until seeing a bar in the chat box. Type anything in and hit Enter!


Walk on Pathways!

1. Go to town or plaza ect.

2. Go to the left or right pathway.

3. While walking, click penguin mail and leave it there for a while.

4. Once you feel you stopped walking, close it.

5. You are now on a pathway!


Map Labels

1. Go to any room in Club Penguin.

2. Go to the map.

3.Click a place and don’t let go and click the X.

4. The place you clicked will look like this.


How to earn your friendship braclet for free!

1. Go to the book and click the library.

2. Choose the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”

3.Go to the very last page. The last page looks like this.


4. When you get to that page. Click the braclet.

How to get the Captain’s Quarters Key Pin

1. Go to the book and click the library.

2. Get the book “Rockhopper’s Journal”

3. On the chapter page, click Newest Writing.

4. Click a page or two to get there.

5. Click the key. It looks like this.


How to walk under the Chat Bar

1. Go to a bottom corner.

2.Go to the opposite direction. If you are in the left, waddle right.

3.You walked under the chat bar!


How To Moonwalk

1. Go to the Plaza.

2. Go to the bottom right corner.

3. Click your mouse to the left path.

4. After you walk,  click your newspaper and click X right after it appears.

5. Now you are moonwalking!


  1. thats crazy can you teach me some

    Comment by rAv1 — December 20, 2008 @ 1:19 AM

  2. hey darknerr what server will you be on
    Darknerr: good question, i go on many servers. There will be a party soon.

    Comment by rAv1 — December 20, 2008 @ 1:24 AM

  3. Hello! It is me. One time I was playing on Club Penguin and everyone stopped moving. Like they were not waddling, speaking or anything. It kinda freaked me out so I went to another room and It took soo long to load.

    Comment by sammy9435 — January 2, 2009 @ 7:34 PM

  4. Hey. Cool Cheats! But i got a few better ones. Like walk on walls without penguin storm! And million coins glitch! go to my website for the cheats.

    P.S. it will be edited soon

    Comment by Ron547 — May 2, 2009 @ 8:40 AM

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