April 24, 2009

New Dance Tracks and New Sledding Gear!

Hey there! Three awesome new tracks have been released that you can boogie to in the dance contest! They are only for members though. I think they’re remixes of songs that we’ve heard before!




Also, the toboggans are available on the Mountain!


Here’s what you look like riding it!


There’s also a new pin! A tree! It’s located at the Dojo Courtyard!



March 21, 2009

Aunt Arctic Tracker!

Hey everyone!

Famous penguins have been waddling all over Club Penguin! Gary, Penguin Band, Cadence, and Aunt Arctic.

Here it Aunt Arctic’s player card!


and here is her background on my player card.


Comment what you think and good luck finding these famous penguins!

January 16, 2009

Cadence Found!

Hey everyone! Hopefully, you enjoyed Blazekick2’s post which was really good! I was just getting on icicle server going to my buddy Cgchar. I didn’t know what he was doing, then it all made sense! Cadence was in the dance lounge! 😀 Here are some pictures I took.

cadenceThis is her player card.

cadence-backgroundThis is the background on my penguin.




Here is the info I got when finding her.


Rooms: Night Club, Lounge, and Rooftop.

Time:12:20 penguin time

Here is some advice on finding famous penguins like G, penguin band, and Cadence.(I didn’t meet penguin band due to a trip) I have noticed when I found Gary, it was on a three bar server. When I met Cadence, it was on a three server also! Bubblegum423 has found her on a three bar server. Try looking in the night club, dance lounge, and rooftop! If you can’t click her, check the players in the room! Good luck! I hope I helped.

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