September 20, 2009

500+ Day Penguin Contest! Round 1

Hey everyone! Darknerr here! Round 1 ends September 27. So hurry, 😀

I finally got a penguin I saved for a long time. It finally old enough with enough items to be in a contest. To find out more about this penguin. Read more.


January 9, 2009

New Play at Stage!

Hi guys! I saw the new play! It was different than last time. This time its got a robot!  There aren’t any secret items! The contest is ending later today! I might let the winner CHOOSE their prize from the options from us. Here is what the play looks like.


I hope you enjoy the play! Two parties are coming this month. New Pin is next week.

If you haven’t tried going to round 2. Today is your last day!

Update: I almost forgot the invite! Its tommorow!


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