April 23, 2009

Medieval Party Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Medieval party that will be coming up and will be lasting from May 8th to the 17th.


Cool huh?


January 14, 2009

Furniture Catalog Sneak Peek!

This week will be very fun!! There is a party tommorow! New pin and catalog on Friday! Here is the igloo catalog sneak peek! Its seems very cool. I might make an igloo party for fun with those decorations soon! The party looks like those items too. (my prediction) Comment what you think about the sneak peek!


January 10, 2009

5,500 Hits Party Pictures!

Hi everyone! I had a great time with some different people showing up! Here are some pictures of the party! line1  We formed a line with special dances which was very fun!

partyWe went to the cove and talked a lot.

We played find four and then we went Sled Racing!

sleddingI don’t remember who won on this race. We went to the stage acting like heros and being agents!

Here are some penguins who showed up!

maxxor129Maxxor129 went for the whole party and had lots of fun!

yoshe777Yoshe777 has a site. I don’t remember the URL but try searching this penguin on google. Yoshe777 had a fun time also!

blazekick2-partyBlazekick2 went for a while. He played games with us. His site is on our blogroll!

blackie4098Blackie4098 went for a short time. She was in the dance line photo. Visit her site.

The other penguins were Globalsavior who has a site and Each11 of course!

January 9, 2009

New Play at Stage!

Hi guys! I saw the new play! It was different than last time. This time its got a robot!  There aren’t any secret items! The contest is ending later today! I might let the winner CHOOSE their prize from the options from us. Here is what the play looks like.


I hope you enjoy the play! Two parties are coming this month. New Pin is next week.

If you haven’t tried going to round 2. Today is your last day!

Update: I almost forgot the invite! Its tommorow!


January 8, 2009

New Newspaper and Screenhog Posts!

Hi everyone! The invite is coming very soon! I am having four people competing for the prize! Its ending Friday at 9 Penguin Standard Time. Comments from other penguins who aren’t in round 2 will be blocked.

Here is the new newspaper cover!


And here is what Screenhog talks about.

He says that the puffles are the famous actors. Sensei speaks Haiku everytime! It is a peom that has three lines. The first and third lines must have five syllables and the second one is must be seven. Try and catch that when Sensei speaks! He also points about that you can get the stone lantern. Here are the pictures!


The puffles represents the two masks on some plays. Here is the stone lantern on the Ninja Catalog! stone-lanturn

Here are the upcoming events!

January 9th- Feb. 12th- New Play!

Jan. 15-18- Dance Party! Members Only

Jan. 16-Reb. 19- Igloo Catalog!

Jan. 23-25- Winter Fiesta!

Thats all!

January 5, 2009

Member Party!

There is sneak peek for a member party. Its from 15-18 this month. Here is the sneak peek! sneak-peek1

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