April 24, 2009

New Dance Tracks and New Sledding Gear!

Hey there! Three awesome new tracks have been released that you can boogie to in the dance contest! They are only for members though. I think they’re remixes of songs that we’ve heard before!




Also, the toboggans are available on the Mountain!


Here’s what you look like riding it!


There’s also a new pin! A tree! It’s located at the Dojo Courtyard!



April 23, 2009

Medieval Party Sneak Peek!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Medieval party that will be coming up and will be lasting from May 8th to the 17th.


Cool huh?


Club Penguin Times Issue #184

There’s going to be a bunch of events happening! 🙂


The Medieval Party is coming back! It’ll be going on from May 8 through the 17th! Yayness!


No matter how many times I hear about it, I still can’t believe it! Penguins who work for the PSA or as a Tour Guide will receive a paycheck in the mail at the end of the month! O_O


Here’s all the events at once! We got two things happening tomorrow!



April 22, 2009

Sled Racing Update!

This post is from my blog. 🙂 http://www.bubblegum423.wordpress.com
Screenhog has an update on Sled Racing! Read what he has to say!

Hi everyone, it’s Screenhog!

Friday is a big day for one of Club Penguin’s oldest games. Sled Racing, which is one of the five original games that has been around since Club Penguin launched, is getting some upgrades. First, starting Friday, you’ll be able to buy a toboggan and ride down the hill with it. This traditional sled will be available at the Ski Hill, and if you hold it while you enter the game, you’ll get to ride it!

Secondly, Sled Racing is finally getting something that most of the other games have always had… music. Have you ever noticed how much cooler games like Aqua Grabber, Catchin’ Waves, and Card-Jitsu are with music in the background? Well, tomorrow, Sled Racing is getting some pretty cool music in it too. Of course, if you’re the type of person who likes to have the sound off, the mute button in your Settings is still right there… it’s okay, we won’t be offended! 🙂

Now, here’s one last thing just for fun. Have you ever wanted to see a slow motion replay of the crash your penguin makes in Sled Racing.


LOL! It’s funny watching the penguin tumble and face plant in the snow. I can’t wait to see the upgrades for Sled Racing!


February 6, 2009

New Clothing Catalog!

Hey guys! I know its bad news Aussie229 and Orngyee quit. I was a huge fan of them. 😦 But the good news is that it may give you a higher chance of winning. They had pretty good sites. Round 2 so far is doing well and many people have answered. I am still deciding on whoshould move on and who shouldn’t but without everyone’s answers. I will be watching the way you post and when you post. Anyways, the catalog has brought back some old items but they are VERY COOL! Here is the cover.


Now let’s get on with the secrets!

feb-2009-secret-1Click the “S” in Shirts for the Spikester!

feb-2009-secret-2To get the Spikette, click E in Penguins.

feb-2009-secret-3Click the bubble in the yellow square to get the Fruit Headdress.

feb-2009-secret-41Click the pot on the Fiesta Page to get the red viking helmet. To get the blue click it four times.

feb-2009-secret-51Click the penguin’s beak to get the Russian hat.

feb-2009-secret-6Click the tall snowman’s carrot to get the yellow scarf.

feb-2009-secret-7To get the pink pom pom toque, click the second A in Clearance to get it.

feb-2009-secret-81Click the L in clearance to get the red hoodie. Thats the last secret of the catalog.

That’s all for today!

January 30, 2009

Sports Catalog, New Pin, and other beta tester!

Hey guys! I checked the sports catalog and its really cool! Let me show you the cover and secrets!


and then the secrets!


and then click the mountain for a hiking outfit! Its on the last page with furniture.

The new pin is at the Beacon


and the snow will be for MARCH fun!



I also found another beta tester! He/she name is Pauguin. I just took a picture when he/she reading the newspaper. Pauguin read the newspaper the whole time. It wasn’t really fun trying to talk to he/she.

pauguinI was on my Ko71 account.

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