May 30, 2010

Hey Everyone

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Hey penguins, it’s Bubblegum423. Just recently I decided to come check back on what had happened to Darknerr’s site and now I see he hasn’t been here for quite some time. I wonder if he quit?

Anyways, I’m guessing this blog’s umm.. abandoned now. I have a Club Penguin blog that I still use, so if you need cheats or tips, you can visit mine until/if Darknerr comes back. [link]


November 30, 2009

You Decide Sneak Peek and Coins for Change!

Homework. This post’s gotta be short. Sorry about that. 🙂

Another You Decide is on the Community blog. You can vote on which pair of glasses you like.

Hello Agents!

You guys are doing a great job keeping the island safe. You’ve been asking about Mission 11 and I can tell you the team’s working hard to make it really exciting. Since it’s being developed right now, we were actually hoping that you’d be able to help us decide on some stuff that’ll go into the Mission!!

Check out these glasses… Would you help us decide which pair you’d like to be able to earn in Mission 11? You’ve got 3 options – Just click on number that matches the pair you like best!!

If you can see this, your browser doesn’t understand IFRAME tags.

Also… The team’s busy working on something kinda secret and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of someone who’s gonna be helping Agents in the future… We’ll have more info on this coming in December.


Coins for change is coming back this December! Hope you have some coins saved up!

November 25, 2009

Crud! So sorry Dark! Missed Updates!!

EEP! Sorry Darknerr! I forgot I was suppose to be posting on your blog!! Please forgive me! D: I’m just copy and pasting stuff from my site!

Club Penguin Times #214

Here’s the newest CPT for you penguins. 🙂

Card Jitsu Fire is coming to a Dojo near you on the 24th! Exciting huh?

Frost fun is coming to the island soon! A member maze and other stuff!

Events. *yawns* I’m sleepy…

Better Igloos Catalog

I daresay, there are a lot of hidden secrets today. Twelve to be exact. First secret is the first and second page with three secrets hidden on them. One, the coat rack, hidden in the chair cushion, two, the wood stove, hidden in the table leg, and three, the shoe rack hidden int he sunken ship at the bottom of the fish tank.

Next two secrets are the fireplace, hidden in the snow fort tower, and the icicles, hidden in the snow wall.

Two more are the puffle jack-o-lantern, hidden in a single block on brick and the cauldron, hidden in the broken upstairs window.

Coming soon to an end, the LCD tv is hidden in the sad jack-o-lantern’s smile, while the goofy jack-o-lantern is hidden in the tombstone.

Only three more to go! The piano, hidden in the ticket booth speaker, the bowling alley hidden in the corner of the window, and the fridge, hidden in the stove burner turner oner thingy.. I don’t remember what it was called..

I get the sence that the Club Penguin Team is trying to make the catalogs a tad bit harder, don’t you?

There are no new secrets in the Igloos Updates catalog, but there is a new wintery igloo! Personally, I think it would be easier if you just shovel snow into your igloo… but that’s just my opinion. :) There’s no wintery floor, but then again, I wouldn’t really want snow in my kitchen..


Lastly for the day, is the pin. It’s a yummy hot chocolate cup with chocolate sprinkles, cinnamon sticks and whipped cream! YUM! Pick up this tasty treat for a pin in the Coffee Shop next to the couches!

Card-Jitsu Fire Guide by Screenhog!

Lots of you are already Card-Jitsu Fire experts! But I wanted to give you some game info in case you haven’t had a chance to play the new game in the Fire Dojo yet:

General Stuff:

  • There are practice mats for 2, 3, and 4 players. You can play with friends there.
  • If you talk to Sensei, and you pick the “Earn your Fire Suit” option, he’ll set up a match. You get more experience points if you do this.
  • You can enter new offline trading card codes and you’ll get cards added to your online deck. You won’t see the animations in the Card-Jitsu Fire game but you can see them if you’re playing the original Card-Jitsu game.

How to Play:

  • On your turn, select the stone which determines the spaces you move, choose your tile (you have 2 options), and then you’ll pick your card to determine the outcome of the round.
  • If you land on one of these, Fire Stone.jpg Snow Stone.jpg Water Stone.jpg– choose a card. The highest number wins. If you don’t have the element, you cannot win that round.
  • If you end up with this symbol, Card-Jitsu Battle.jpg or if you land on the same space as an opponent, you’re going to have a Card-Jitsu battle – the elements determine the winner (water beats fire, etc. as in the original Card-Jitsu).
  • If you end up on this symbol,  Elemental Battle.jpg you get to choose which of the 3 elements you’d like to play!
  • If you’re playing and someone quits, you get the experience points. If you quit, you don’t get any points.

SOO Sorry Dark!! And you too ppl!


November 14, 2009

Stage, Postcards and Construction on New Fire Dojo!

Hey it’s Bubblegum again. I’m reposting a post that’s on my site since Dark’s not here right now.

Happy warmish Saturday! Norman’s Swarm is huge! You get zapped on the way in to be turned SUPER TINY! :P OI! So much to update on!

Once inside, to get to the secret underground room, you have to stand on an X and have four other penguins on one also. At least one of them has to be wearing a costume from the catalog.


Once downstairs, do the same to open the big chest! Then an awesome pin is there!


There are some new postcards too.


Hehehe… For the ninjas, HEAD TO THE HIDEOUT! There’s a bunch of awesome things there! For one the amulet, which is so shiny.. 8)


After buying the amulet, click on the fire sign and head to the new Dojo on the volcano!


One word. EPIC. Actually, DOUBLE EPIC! The music’s epic, the place is epic, everything about it is EPIC!


Who agrees with me? Oh! Another thing! I might start a new page for Neopets. IDK. I really like the game and I could help more people. :)


October 30, 2009

New Halloween Item in Haunted House!

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There’s a new item in the Haunted House. Check it out. Pretty sweet outfit if you ask me.



(LOL that was a short post)

October 29, 2009

Club Penguin Times Issue #211

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A new issue of the cpt is out.


There are some cool things you should check out around the island.


Gary is concerned about the thunderstorm, for it shows no signs of stopping. In the meanwhile he’s giving some storm tips!


The winners and runner-ups of the contest are in! Congrats to the winners!



There are almost no events to look forward to, and when the heck will the next mission come out? I mean, come on! It’s been a year and a half now!


I met Gary again. He’s awesome, but he had to leave to go talk to Sensei.


Until next time,

Waddle on and have a spoookie Halloween!


October 26, 2009

Halloween Party 2009 Cheats!

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Sorry for the late post, Chorus Meeting, then homework and updating my own blog. Bubblegum423 here, with another post for Dark.

The Halloween party is absolutely SICK! It’s awesome! The scavenger hunt is cool too, and you get a nice pumpkin background!

All the steps for the hunt are here. First can be found in the Attic, second at the Dock, third at Pet Shop, forth at the Cove, fifth at the Pool, sixth at the Football Statium, seventh in the Forest behind the bush and eighth in the Mine, right hand corner.









When you collect them all you get a sweet pumpkin background! (Which I was too lazy to take a picture of :P)

If you go to the Mine, there’s a secret passageway. I’ll give you a hint instead of telling you. 😉

Click on what lights the room up.

That’s all the hint you get 🙂 When you open the passageway, you’ll be in G’s secret laboratory! 😀 There are some new costumes you can buy there! (Sorry! Members only!)


And keep your eyes open. You might even see the famous inventor himself!

The free items, which are the pumpkin headband and pumpkin mask, are located in the Plaza and the upstairs of the Haunted House.


Oh, the Haunted House is for members only too. 😦


The Haunted House is pretty much spooks and fun. That’s it. I think. No wait, no more thing. On the Fun Activities page, there are some new things you can do!


OKay, NOW I’m done. Enjoy Halloween! Until next time,
Waddle on and have a spoookie Halloween!
Wizard Bubblegum423

October 19, 2009

Anniversary Party on Saturday!

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Darknerr: Im back and beardedcrest won the penguin!

Hey everyone. Bubblegum423 here. Dark’s gone on vacation till tomorrow, so.. yeah. Another post from me! 🙂

The Anniversary party is on Saturday! You do not want to miss this party because it’s ONE day only!

Hey – This Saturday, October 24th is Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary Party and we hope you’re as excited as we are to celebrate!! There’ll be balloons and cake, a new party hat, and a brand new Yearbook in the Book Room.

Yearbook 08-09 (sepia).jpg
So round up your buddies in the Town Center on Saturday – Join the one day only party!


September 21, 2009

A Volcano Discovered and Scavenger Hunt Extended!

Hey everyone! Darknerr here!

Club Penguin noticed many people have been enjoying Sensei and the scavenger hunt! They have decided to extend the hunt until September 28!


Notice how there is a volcano forming that wasn’t there before. What do you think means?

Comment what you think! 😀

September 20, 2009

500+ Day Penguin Contest! Round 1

Hey everyone! Darknerr here! Round 1 ends September 27. So hurry, 😀

I finally got a penguin I saved for a long time. It finally old enough with enough items to be in a contest. To find out more about this penguin. Read more.


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